More INFLUENTIAL if you write a bad one

I'll be adding new information in the coming days and updating weekly/monthly or as interesting relevant data comes available.

This is one component of the interview progression about which I get very, very picky. I admit to micromanaging this part more than I should. A solid Thank You letter can reinforce and emphasize the high points that came up during the interview. Forgot to mention a name? Thank You letter. Forgot an accomplishment? Thank You letter. It’s not a re-do, but it can fill a gap.

Conversely, a bad Thank You letter can torpedo an outstanding interview. Misspellings, punctuation errors, wrong days and dates, wrong names - I’ve read them all. Please have someone with fresh eyes critique your Thank You letter before you hit the send button.

Components of the Thank You:

  • Thank them for their time. Thank them for explaining the opportunity, how clearly they explained, the detail... (something like that).

  • State your interest in the position and company and working with the team or for the manager.

  • Restate or reinforce the skills and/or personal traits you believe will help you succeed in the position. This is especially helpful if you had forgotten to mention anything.

  • Thank them again and let them know your strong interest in pursuing this opportunity and how you eagerly anticipate the next step.

  • Let them know how they can best reach you and what days and times you are available.