Mechatronics Engineer
(Research and Development)


Mechatronics Engineer (Research and Development)


Direct position

$65,000 - $130,000

potential sign-on bonus, benefits


My client is a large, international, predictably stable, tier-1 automotive supplier known world-wide as the leader in their cutting-edge products. They continue to set a higher bar in their technology by consistently patenting clever innovations to a demanding world-wide customer base. In support of these new technologies, my client has opened a Mechatronics Department in Auburn Hills, MI and is staffing up!

Adding talented professionals for their current growth-oriented positions is my job. My agency is searching for experienced Mechatronics Engineers (R&D) and Validation Engineers.

We are looking Mechatronics Engineers and Validation Engineers who will embrace the challenge of steering wheel design, development, validation and manufacturing. Evolving on a daily basis, the steering wheel spans both function and form. It can save a life. It can help you manage your vehicle and connect you to the world around you. Automotive steering wheel development requires a uniquely skilled engineer with a range of engineering disciplines including electronics and mechanics, plastics and composites and metals materials knowledge, optics and a sense of interior design. In addition, the ideal candidate will appreciate a family-first work environment and have excellent communication skills. We are looking for open, team players, who are adaptive, creative and have innovate problem solving skills; someone who “MacGyvers” their way through a problem when the opportunity requires it, and will be willing to take the lead when necessary to drive change. A relationship builder.

These roles are going to be fantastic for me to fill and you to work. I’ve known the Director of the group for years. Great person. Great mentor.


  • Drive the full product development cycle of steering wheel systems

  • Ensure requirements from OEs are expertly negotiated

  • Follow the company product development process

  • Develop product requirements and end-of-line specifications

  • Work with internal and external engineering departments to define interface requirements with steering wheel subsystems

  • Design and engineer product’s electrical interfaces, ergonomics, HMI, capacitive interfaces, vehicle network communications (CAN/LIN/Ethernet) and material compatibility, including other sub-system interfaces within the steering wheel system

  • Support hardware and software development teams to ensure ECU implementation meets and exceeds customer specifications

  • Participate and contribute with code and hardware design reviews

  • Lead DFM of the mechatronics system

  • Lead DFMEA and ISO26262 activities


(more than 3 years of experience)

  • Experience working with an automotive OEM, Tier-1 or equipment manufacturer

  • Experience working with systems which integrate electronics and mechanics, mechatronics or electro-mechanical systems in a product development role (i.e., design engineer, test engineer, etc.)

  • Experience working collaboratively with international locations

  • Working directly with automotive OE engineers

  • Troubleshooting and debugging failing parts

  • Developing/negotiating requirements with the customer

  • Specifying end of line equipment to ensure all product requirements are tested accurately


  • Advanced experience with vehicle network protocols such as CAN and LIN and Ethernet

  • Advanced capability in basic electrical equipment (i.e., oscilloscopes, multimeters, LCR meters and data acquisition equipment)

  • Strong working knowledge of MSOffice, especially MSExcel

  • Intermediate proficiency in data analysis and graphical representation of data

  • Intermediate understanding of embedded micro controllers

  • Intermediate project management skills (i.e. timing, planning, budgeting, etc.)

  • Has the skill to decompose OE requirements into system, sub-system, software and hardware requirements

  • Basic capability in programming or coding

  • Basic capability with requirements management tools such as Intland Codebeamer and/or IBM DOORS

  • Experience with optics strongly preferred


  • Analytical mindset

  • Curious by nature

  • Hands-on, dirt-under-the-nails…

  • Goal-driven yet adaptable

  • Team player

  • Comfortable with ambiguity and can make sense of chaos

  • Driven to improve processes


  • Specific experience in various OEM product development systems

  • Programming or coding Vector tools and/or Vehicle Spy

  • Experience with steering wheels, capacitive sensing and/or in-vehicle electric heating

  • Matlab

  • Mathcad

  • Optics

  • Cradle to grave product development experience



  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline (Mechatronics – Electronics preferred, if Mechanical must have heavy mechatronics/electronics experience)


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PLEASE NOTE! If you want your resume to be viewed more quickly, please place the words "resume-power systems" (if you have power sliding door / lift gate experience) or "resume-mechatronics" (if you have general mechatronics experience) or "resume-seats" (if you have seating experience, etc.) in your subject line.

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